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Our mission is to provide space for those seeking hope, comfort and peace as they explore ways of experiencing God’s love.

We emphasize Christian spirituality.

Open 10am-4pm Tuesday-Friday

and on some evenings, Saturdays and Sundays

as noted on our Events calendar


309 N. Tabor
in Downtown Bryan

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Upcoming events

heaven and earth.jpg
May Book Club

Are communities of people necessary? This novel gives a look at "just how vital communities can be. The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store takes place in small town Chicken Hill, Pa. where Black, Jewish, and European immigrants, rich and poor, old and young, collide—defending, fighting, entertaining, feeding, and sheltering one another. This cacophonous melody of characters with all of their schemes and dreams reveal how home is where you make it—and how all of these 'outsiders' are anything but."


 Join us for great conversation on the book Tuesday, May 21, at 6 p.m. Come in person, or join us via zoom.

Meeting ID: 857 9152 8587

Passcode: 431978

Religion in Aggieland Displayed

From May to August, Middleway is hosting a display of unique religious items found at thrift stores and resale markets in and around the Brazos Valley.


“Finding Religion in Aggieland” is part of a project led by spiritual director Heidi Campbell, who is studying where religion shows up in thrift stores and what stories secondhand culture tells about contemporary religion in Texas.


Each month new items will be added to the display related to a theme about prayer. 

  • May-Prayer Beads and Sacred Symbols

  • June-Prayers Stools and Tools

  • July- Icons and devotional objects

  • August - Unexpected Religion


 From May through August the “Dones Group” will meet the first Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. (June 5, July 3 & August 7) at Middleway. This group is for anyone who is looking for spiritual community outside the traditional structures of a church or formal religious organization. Is faith an important part of your life, but you feel that you are “done” with church?  If so, come meet with others on a similar journey.

Friday Meditation and Mindfulness


Center yourself and find peace in the midst of your busy life. Friday Meditation and Mindfulness, led by Becky Burks, meets monthly at 12:30 p.m. The next time: Friday, June 21.

Drum Circle and Chanting Psalms

Our Drum Circle Meditation and Chanting Psalms with Contemplative Sit will take a break and not have gatherings in June or July.



The monastery presents itself spiritually as humbly as it does physically. Taking its name from the ancient phrase "via media," it is a picture of moderation between the "high" and "low" churches of the area


“My experience of church is churches are built for extroverts. It’s harder to find those quiet moments in a church’s life. … A place dedicated toward spirituality, meditation, contemplation, I think is necessary.”


On Friday evening, the Middleway Urban Monastery offered people the opportunity to walk for peace, as a form of experiential prayer, for the situation in Ukraine and other parts of the world in chaos.

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