Middleway urban monastery

Our mission is to provide space for those seeking hope, comfort and peace as they explore ways of experiencing God’s love.

We emphasize Christian spirituality.

Open 10am-4pm Tuesday-Friday

and on some Saturdays

and some other times as noted on our Events calendar


309 N. Tabor
in Downtown Bryan

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About Us

Middleway Urban Monastery is a new spirituality center for people in Bryan, College Station, and the larger Brazos Valley who seek a community of support in walking life's journey through Christian spirituality ...

Upcoming special events


Workshop: Entrepreneurship - a spiritual practice

Entrepreneurs are known for taking risks, unearthing new opportunities and creating value in places where it did not exist before. These are also key feature of being a spiritual entrepreneur, those who feel called to discover and release God’s love and creative energy in unique ways in the world.


A workshop on June 18, 9:30 a.m.-noon, will explore the traits associated with entrepreneurship, and how these can help us discover creativity and cultivate spiritual resilience.  This event highlights findings from the "Tech in Churches during Covid-19" project led by Dr Heidi Campbell, a professor at Texas A&M University, on how pastors learned to adapt to challenges they encountered during the pandemic. 


Together with her husband Troy Shepherd—an entrepreneur, writer and app designer—they will discuss what it means to be a spiritual entrepreneur, and how such traits can help enhance in our spiritual journey and open our hearts to finding God in unexpected places, especially during times of change. The workshop is free, but p lease register at https://www.middlewayurbanmonastery.org/register-for-events.


Prayer Beads of World Religions Exhibit

How can tiny beads strung together or knots tied in rope impact a person's prayer life? The oldest known use of beads in a religious sense dates to 1600 B.C. They continue to be widely used by Christian and most other religions in the world. 


An exhibit of prayer beads from Christian and other traditions will be available for viewing = and praying with, if you want - June 22-25, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. We also have beads available to string if you'd like to make your own. The exhibit and activity is suitable for all ages.

Image by Gabrielle Henderson
Journaling and group spiritual direction

Journaling as a way to tell one's story -- and sharing that walk in community with others -- is the aim for this group spiritual direction meeting. Monthly gatherings normally are the fourth Saturday of each month, guided by Amy Thompson. This month's event will be Saturday, June 18, 10:30-Noon in the monastery's library.   

'Why does God allow suffering?' 

For June, the Middleway book club will read and discuss the C.S. Lewis book "The Problem of Pain,"  about the universal question of why God allows beloved humans to suffer. 

The book will be discussed June 28 at 10:30 a.m. Central Time This is a hybrid meeting, so people may attend in person or via Zoom. Here's how:


Meeting ID: 862 8991 8385
Passcode: 164675




The monastery presents itself spiritually as humbly as it does physically. Taking its name from the ancient phrase "via media," it is a picture of moderation between the "high" and "low" churches of the area


“My experience of church is churches are built for extroverts. It’s harder to find those quiet moments in a church’s life. … A place dedicated toward spirituality, meditation, contemplation, I think is necessary.”


On Friday evening, the Middleway Urban Monastery offered people the opportunity to walk for peace, as a form of experiential prayer, for the situation in Ukraine and other parts of the world in chaos.