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Spiritual Direction

Middleway's spiritual directors have received training from approved schools of spiritual direction.

Contact them directly to arrange a time to meet. Sessions are generally one hour per month. Spiritual directors determine individually whether or not to charge for their ministry of holy listening, so that is a question you may ask when you contact one.


Here's an article that explains a little more about spiritual direction.

BB head shot.jpg

Becky Burks


Heidi Campbell

Image by Marcel Strauß

Kelli Davis

Image by Marcel Strauß

Aneya Elbert


Rich Nelson

Kathleen Phillips mug.JPG

Kathleen Phillips

john pruett.jpg

John Pruett

kathy reiter.jpg

Kathy Reiter


Amy Thompson

iris villareal.jpg

Iris Villareal

      Interested in becoming a spiritual director or exploring spiritual formation in depth? See 

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