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Our mission is to provide space for those seeking hope, comfort and peace as they explore ways of experiencing God’s love.

We emphasize Christian spirituality.

Open 10am-4pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

10 a.m.-5 p.m. on Thursdays

and on some evenings, Saturdays and Sundays

as noted on our Events calendar


309 N. Tabor
in Downtown Bryan

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Upcoming events

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Candle and Berries
Parnter with us !

Early Giving begins Sept. 18 and will continue until the grande finale on Oct. 17 for Brazos Valley Gives. We are excited to be accepted to participate in this 5th annual event along with more than 150 other nonprofits. So many of you have helped in so many ways for the past two years. Join us now in an effort to permanently establish Middleway Urban Monastery by chipping in to our building and meditation garden fund. Any amount will help. The QR code will take you directly to our donation page. You also can find us on the Brazos Valley Gives site at

Fall book study

"Rising Strong as a Spiritual Practice" by Brene Brown is the choice for the fall book club, which will meet weekly.

The first meeting will be Sept. 26 at 6 p.m. It will continue on Tuesday evenings through the fall. Brown writes that her research has shown without exception the concept of spirituality is a critical component for resilience and overcoming struggles. The book group will discuss chapters each week.

Friday Meditation and Mindfulness

Center yourself and find peace in the midst of your busy day. Monthly at 12:30 p.m. Oct. 13, Nov. 10, Dec. 15

God and dogs

A group is forming in which we will gather with our dogs at the monastery for some sharing about the spirituality of pets. We're emailing those who are interested to find the best time and frequency.  If you want to give input, let us know you're interested at

Drum Circle

Join us for Drum Circle on Oct. 7 at 2 p.m., led by Amy Thompson. Drumming is a way to connect with the rhythm of life and find balance, wholeness and connection. No musical experience is necessary. Drums will be provided.

Dia de los muertos

Wondering what's the deal with painted skulls you're seeing in Halloween decor? Maybe you've heard Dia de los Muertos mentioned and maybe you even know that means day of the dead in Spanish. But why?


Learn about this holiday during a weeklong recognition of Dia de los Muertos. We'll honor deceased loved ones all week. Then on Thursday Nov. 2 at 6 p.m., Padra Ben Sanchez from the Latino Episcopal Church in Bryan will teach the meaning of the celebration. He'll lead a service to remember loved ones at 6:30 p.m followed by a tamale feast. Stay tuned for more details.



The monastery presents itself spiritually as humbly as it does physically. Taking its name from the ancient phrase "via media," it is a picture of moderation between the "high" and "low" churches of the area


“My experience of church is churches are built for extroverts. It’s harder to find those quiet moments in a church’s life. … A place dedicated toward spirituality, meditation, contemplation, I think is necessary.”


On Friday evening, the Middleway Urban Monastery offered people the opportunity to walk for peace, as a form of experiential prayer, for the situation in Ukraine and other parts of the world in chaos.

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