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Join Middleway as a spiritual director

The Process

The Guiding Council of Middleway Urban Monastery is open to accepting spiritual directors who have been trained by approved schools. Being accepted as a spiritual director at the monastery allows one to see directees at Middleway and you may choose to accept payments from your directees or not. Being a director at Middleway also permits one to provide retreats, workshops and other education events as approved by the Guiding Council. 

Spiritual Directors at Middleway commit to the Guide for Life and agree to an annual contribution of at least $100, which may be determined individually by one's intended involvement at Middleway.  Partnering with our spiritual directors and other supporters helps support and sustain this new ministry.

To apply for inclusion as a spiritual director, provide the Guiding Council with the school where training was completed, the year, and intended involvement at Middleway. All spiritual directors at Middleway must also complete Safeguarding God's People training via the Episcopal Diocese of Texas.

Sounds good but you're not trained yet? Middleway is affiliated with FIND - School for Spiritual Direction and Formation and hosts classes monthly on Saturdays for the three-year course. if you want to be trained. See our link for more information.

Apply to be a spiritual Director at Middleway

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