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about middleway

More than 100 million Americans report that they do not feel a connection with any religion, according to the Pew Research Institute's 2019 study. Yet, at the same time, the majority of those report believing in God or praying regularly.

Many call themselves "spiritual but not religious." Sometimes they are referred to as the "nones and dones." A lot have been hurt by church in one way or another. Some are turned off by the structure of church. Still, most are seeking something that's hard to describe.


We get that. 

Middleway Urban Monastery provides a space, both virtually and at our Bryan, Texas location, to dabble with one’s own spirituality with some solid guidance from spiritual directors from all walks of life. No proselytizing, no telling you how to think, no judging. We allow you to question and discover God alone but in a community of fellow seekers.

Middleway comes from the ancient phrase, "via media," which is to go by the middle, everything in moderation, neither too far to the right or left.

We provide inspiration, prayer times, retreats, workshops and sharing of methods that might be helpful in learning about your own spirituality and, mostly, a way forward.

Come enjoy those offerings, check out our library, dabble in the art area, participate in the rhythm of prayer throughout each day, or just linger in the peaceful surroundings.

We do not charge for your visits. Some may want to donate for time spent in this peaceful place, and may offer any amount. So come and explore.

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