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Praying together Tuesday

Dear Middleway Urban Monastery friends,

We're looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible Tuesday for the Pray-and-Go event. Details below. And then be sure to check out our post-election day programs.

After Election Day, you may want to set time aside to absorb the results and impact of the outcome, no matter how one voted. On Wednesday,  Dr. Heidi Campbell will lead a retreat, "Hope and Healing," via Zoom. Campbell said this online retreat aims to help you move  forward in 2020 through prayer and meditation.

Read about these and other special options below. Make a note to check them out on our Facebook group page or website.

Election Day Pray-and Go set for Nov. 3

In just two days, our first in-person event will take place: Election Day Pray-and-Go from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. The public is invited to come pray at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, 217 W. 26th, Bryan, our co-host. A free cup of coffee, hot tea or bottled water will be offered as participants leave.

Spread the word. All are welcome to stop by the church to offer their own prayers for the election and our nation going forward, or for any personal prayer needs.

Social distancing and masks, along with any other CDC suggested safety measures at that time, are required. To volunteer to help welcome people, email

"Hope and Healing" theme for retreat Nov. 7

We are in a season of increased uncertainty where the pandemic and tensions around the election are causing increased anxiety for many.  This retreat offers an opportunity for personal and corporate Prayer and reflection on how we can move forward In hope and healing, no matter our politics or the results of the election.  Using Matthew 6 and the Peace Prayer of Francis of Assisi as our focal texts there will be two times of short teaching, followed by prayer, personal reflection and shared discussion.

9:30 a.m. - Centering Prayer for Peace on Facebook

10 a.m.-12 p.m. - Hope & Healing: A Post-Election Prayer Retreat on Zoom

Planned Schedule

10-10:40 a.m. Session 1 - From Lament to Hope

10:40-11 a.m.-  Prayer & Reflection 

11-11:40 a.m. Session 2 - From Hurt to Healing 

11:40 a.m.-12 p.m. - Prayer & Wrap up  

Soul Care Sabbath continues Nov. 8

A guided observance of the Sabbath with rest, stillness, and silence, will gather on Nov. 8. It's 2-3 p.m. on Zoom. The group, led by Aneya Elbert, meets the second Sunday of each month.  Included in this interactive group will be:  

  • Contemplative Spiritual Practices 

  • Express your voice through creativity

  • The gift of spiritual companions 

Daily current issues prayers and weekly devotional offered

Each day we offer a  prayer that speaks to the current issues of our day. Then once a week, we provide a devotional reading with follow-up questions for individual study. These are written by Lutheran Rev. Sue Beall. Check them out at the times listed in the schedule below and found on our Facebook group. 

New Nouwen book on living in an age of anxiety to begin next week 

On Nov. 10, Middleway's book club will begin a new study on "Following Jesus: Finding Our Way Home in an Age of Anxiety," by Henri Nouwen. Anyone is welcome to join in the discussion. We read and talk about one chapter per week, so it's low pressure and lots of great insights we glean from each other.

Plan come on Zoom at: Meeting ID: 862 8991 8385 Passcode: 164675 OR find your local number to dial in:

How to Visit Middleway Urban Monastery

If, for whatever reason, you feel "spiritual but not religious," or you no longer have a church or you are just "done" with organized religion, no worries. We do not ask you to join the FB group page in order to participate. Just come to the monastery online as often as you want. We're about providing you space to seek hope, comfort and peace as you explore ways of experiencing God’s love. You're a "member" if you are receiving this newsletter. All are welcome, so share as you like.

Imagine our Facebook public group page as a physical building. When you enter our URL,, it is like opening the door of a physical building, because you will find all that is offered there.

Likewise, you can come to our website and explore the offerings, including links to our Twitter and Instagram accounts, if you like those formats and want to follow. 

For the time being, our monastery is online only. We plan to eventually offer a physical space in Bryan, Texas. Even then, however, we will continue to offer our prayer times, meditations, centering, contemplation and various workshops and retreats online and led by spiritual directors and leaders around the Bryan-College Station, Texas area. Participants are welcome from around the world.

 If you know others who would like to "join," ask them to subscribe to our weekly newsletter by going to and entering their email address at the Subscribe button on the lower right.

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