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Enjoying the lull

Dear friends, Mid-July rolls around and it sometimes feels like the calm before the storm. Many have had a vacation, then there was July 4 celebrations and now there is a time before everything gears up again in about a month. Plans and calendars are already starting to fill and our minds can start to fill as well. So relax a bit longer. We've got chanting, art, breadmaking, and some self-awareness teaching to enjoy during the lull. Or, just come to use our calming space for a time-out of your own design. Read below to find what may suit you at Middleway.  Middleway's Facebook Group

Deeper Wisdom of the Enneagram: Centers of Intelligence and Stances

So, you are familiar with the Enneagram and already know your Enneagram number, or style? This is just your starting point. A primary gift of Enneagram wisdom is the many layers of self-awareness and knowledge it offers. On July 22, 9 a.m.-Noon, Kathy Reiter will lead a workshop to highlight information about the three Centers of Intelligence as well as the three Stances of the Enneagram. "Focusing on the Center of Intelligence in which your Enneagram style is rooted will broaden your understanding of how you perceive and respond to daily life," Kathy said. "Working with Enneagram Stances will reveal your social style and the Center of Intelligence which offers you the most opportunity for development. An honest look at ourselves in these ways offers each of us yet another path for spiritual transformation." Register for Enneagram workshop

Spirituality of breadmaking: Buns for the Grill What could be better than a home-grilled burger this summer? A home-grilled burger on a homemade bun. It's downright spiritual. Join us on Aug. 5, 10 a.m.-Noon to experience the discipline of kneading the dough, waiting patiently for it to rise, the yeasty smell - and what that might have to do with God in your life. It's great for individuals, friends or families. Hot dogs - on homemade buns, of course - will be served at the conclusion of this event, so be sure to register in advance. Register for Breadmaking

Creativity with The Creator

This summer we're providing simple creative projects you can d0 at your own pace. It's a rather meditative exercise to sit in the art area while soft music plays and you unleash your creative side. Instructions are provided for each self-paced craft. There are no rules for each project's outcome. You be you. This week we feature Treasure Boxes for you to decorate. Into your finished box you might put notes or items to remind of what is most treasured in your life. Consider each a prayer of gratitude. Perhaps you'll put something that reminds you of a family member, or a song, hobby or event that brings happiness. Add to your box as often as you think of something. Then from time to time, re-examine the contents, thanking God for each of them. The art zone, like all of the monastery, is judgment free, and our projects work for school-aged children through adults. Here's what you can create with us this summer:

  • July 11-14 - Rock painting

  • July 18-21 - Prayer beads

  • July 25-28 - Greeting cards to share

  • Aug. 1-5 - Painting bread (and yes, it's edible)

If you missed previous week's Grateful Journals, God's eyes, treasure boxes or sticker collages, supplies and instructions are in the art area, so you can still make create them.

Chanting the Psalms and Contemplative Sit Our group of chanters is growing, and we'd love to have you as well. Deepen your spirituality by chanting the psalms. Led by Amy Brunt Thompson, this features Anglican and Gregorian chants using Psalms, followed by a 20-minute meditative sit (or centering). The next gathering is July 30 at 2 p.m. Let us know you're coming!  I'm coming to chant

Become a Spiritual Director NOW is the time to apply to learn the art of holy listening is Christian spirituality. This may lead to you becoming a spiritual director or one who leads spiritual formation in a variety of contexts. FIND is accepting applications for the Class of 2026. The school, hosted by Middleway Urban Monastery in Bryan, TX, holds classes on one Saturday a month, 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., September-June, for clergy and lay people. We are diverse and ecumenical without educational or age limits. Click the button for more information. FIND - School for Spiritual Direction

Spiritual directors lend a (holy) ear at Middleway The backbone of Middleway is a team of spiritual directors, well trained by various schools, whose ministry is to listen to you with a holy ear. We are spiritual companions who are willing to meet with you monthly in a non-judging atmosphere as you discern where God is in your life. We don't try to "fix" you with our solutions. Being listened to -- truly listened to -- is powerfully healing. You and your spiritual director normally meet monthly for an hour. Some directors charge varying amounts, and others do not charge. Our current spiritual directors are listed at Email us at if you need more information. Planning ahead: note these on your calendar We hope you'll find at least one special event to attend between now and August. Mark your calendars!

  • July 22 – The Enneagram for Growth, going beyond the basics to explore your spirituality, 9 a.m.-Noon, with Kathy Reiter.

  • July 30 – Chanting and meditative sit, 2 p.m., with Amy Brunt Thompson.

  • Aug. 5 – Spirituality of Breadmaking: Buns for the grill - 9:30 a.m.-Noon, with Kathleen Phillips.


  • Weekly Creativity with The Creator in the art area, through Aug. 5

How to experience the monastery While we offer a variety of programs you can attend, the monastery is also open at least four days a week and some evenings, Saturdays or Sundays for you to just come for a dose of the relaxing atmosphere where no one will bug you. Read, retreat from the hectic pace of your world, use the free art supplies, or partake of any of our prayer techniques that are gently explained in materials throughout the monastery. Children are welcome to come with an adult and may find the art area or special children's spirituality area a way to peace away from electronic distractions. We need you! Come volunteer as one who welcomes others into this peaceful place. While there, you'll be able to enjoy the hope, peace and comfort as well. We especially need volunteer hosts and receptionists who'd love to greet people and help them get familiar with the monastery. Middleway is 100 percent volunteer operated. Sign up at After you've selected the areas you want to volunteer in, you'll be able to click the Opportunities tab, then Assignments, then Available Shifts. If you need assistance, please come by the monastery or email Middleway Urban Monastery's Guide for Life

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