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Read and Talk: Book Club to begin Aug. 4

Dear Friends of Middleway Urban Monastery,

Our Middleway Urban Monastery community has grown, thanks to the great article Chelsea Katz wrote for The Bryan-College Station Eagle. We very much appreciate the good coverage from our local paper. Welcome to all who’ve asked for this newsletter as a result.

Coming up

On Aug. 4, we will begin a book club via Zoom. Our first book is “The Life of the Spirit and the Life of To-day” by Evelyn Underhill.  Our book club will examine each book more in-depth than some book clubs. Each week we’ll talk about a couple of chapters until the book is complete. Then we’ll begin another book.

Underhill’s book was published almost 100 years ago and yet if you didn’t know that, it might feel like a new release because so many of the societal issues we are facing today are woven throughout her writings. She is considered a modern mystic and was, during her life, the most widely read author on Christian spirituality.

This book can be found free from Guttenberg Press, if you’d like to read it online. It also is available from Audible if you want to listen to it. Hardcover and other formats, of course, are available for purchase online. So grab yourself a copy in one of those ways and read the first two chapters before Aug. 4.  Invite your friends to do the same.

Then at 7 p.m. CENTRAL TIME (Adjust for your own time zone)  Aug. 4, join us on Zoom at:

Meeting ID: 862 8991 8385 Passcode: 164675

OR Dial by your location       

Find your local number:

This is for you

One of our subscribers asked what Middleway Urban Monastery offers for those who don’t use Facebook and other social media platforms.

Naturally, our plan is to have a physical location as soon as it is safe so that people can visit for peace and comfort along their spiritual journey. In fact, that is one reason the Bryan-College Station area spiritual directors began exploring the concept of an urban monastery … so that people could seek God alone but in community. Many of us had travelled great distances to visit such places on retreat and wanted one in our community. That is closer to becoming a reality. 

But, Middleway Urban Monastery has gone way beyond our localized vision to include those who live far away and are unlikely to be able to visit often if ever. So, in the meantime, we offer our programs, retreats, and meditations online.

Still, our subscriber’s question is valid. 

So we ask you, as we did him, what would you like to see from Middleway Urban Monastery? What topics pertaining to Christian spirituality interest you? Or, are you hopeful the spiritual directors of Middleway can introduce you to some tools and techniques to help jump start your prayers and spiritual growth? What formats for these offerings are most helpful to you? Jot down your thoughts in an email and send to We want to hear from you.

For those new to our community:

Thanks for your interest in Middleway Urban Monastery. We aim to provide space for those seeking hope, comfort and peace as they explore ways of experiencing God’s love.

For the time being, our monastery is online only. We plan to eventually offer a physical space in Bryan, Texas. Even then, however, we will continue to offer our prayer times, meditations, centering, contemplation and various workshops and retreats online via our Facebook group and led by spiritual directors and leaders around the Bryan-College Station area.

A key feature is that you do not join the FB group page in order to participate. Just come to the monastery online – and eventually in person – as often as you want.  Our Facebook group page includes daily events as well as videos from past events so that you may enjoy at times other than when first presented, as it fits your schedule. 

Until we can offer in-person events, our community is forming by way of this weekly newsletter. Share it widely. All are welcome and may subscribe by going to and entering your email address at the Subscribe button on the lower right.

​To see what’s coming the week of July 27-Aug. 1, check our Events tab.

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